Øresund Fixed Link

Construction of the Øresund Fixed Link road and rail connection between Denmark and Sweden, an essential 16 kilometers transportation structure that links Scandinavia with mainland Europe, required dredging and reclamation work. GLDD’s scope of works included backhoe dredging and a joint role in construction of containment dikes. The project’s scope of work included construction of a 220 hectare (544-acre) island and peninsula reclamation, construction of 12 kilometers (39,000 feet) of perimeter rock revetments for the reclamation area, and excavation of the tunnel trench between the newly constructed island and the Copenhagen Airport at Kastrup. The dredging and placement of 8.5 million cubic meters (11.1 million cubic yards) of material and construction of the reclamation was subject to strict environmental controls to preserve the delicate marine habitat at the confluence of the North and Baltic Seas.